Nowadays education.

The word “internationalization” means that something sharing with others countries, in different institutions or for different individuals.

What is “International education”? It’s means the exchange of people between national and academic. For example, students who are study at an international brunch  campus, it’s also as part of student exchange program. Students who are study abroad in  others country also as part of international education.  

International students can bring to local students a lot of things such as cultural exchange. According to Marginson,S(2012)”International education as self-formation”, the self-formation of international students need to adapt a lot of things in different environment and different cultural . International education must keep improving and  it will affect all the student as involved in processes of self-formation.

For my opinion, International students often face the problems of language teaching. It’s more difficult for students to understand when they are not know well about that language.International education has many benefits and also disadvantages. For example , the problem of student pass abuse. It will cause many of social problem.

International education let students experience the different environment and cultural. It was a good opportunity to experience other country’s lifestyle and increase their own knowledge.



Marginson, S (2012) ‘International education as self-formation: Morphing a profit-making business into an intercultural experience’ ;Centre for the study of Higher Education,University of Melbourne

Kell, P and Vogl, G (2007) ‘ International Students: Negotiating life and study in Australia through Australian Englishes’ Everyday Multiculturalism Conference Proceedings, Macquarie University, 28-29 September 2006.


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