A type of popular culture- Hip Hop

          Hip-Hop is a type of popular culture that includes rap music, dance styles, graffiti art, breaking, and fashion. In the 1970s ,“Hip-Hop”  is believed to have sprung from New York City, especially from the club DJs (disc jockeys) of the era. The term appears in the lyrics of some of the earliest rap hits, including “Rapper’s Delight” (1979) by the Sugarhill Gang. Breakdancing also became a very prevalent form of hip-hop dance in the 1980s. Today, Hip-Hop is most commonly used as a pronoun for rap music.

          Actually,” Breaking Dance” is a part of Hip-Hop. Breaking Dance contains Locking ,Popping, Breaking, and  Wave. The famous “break dance” style  groups is Rock Steady Crew. It’s originate from American street dancer’s improvise dance steps.  

          Hip-Hop would be an anti-cultural tendency,  it’s destructive with our traditional culture. But in the current situation,  it has become an important part of the mainstream culture, and this trend are rising rapidly and spread. From my opinion, Hip-Hop can become our popular culture because participants of that all are the younger generation, they are strong infectivity to others.

           Hip-Hop is a kind of culture but it does not mean that you wearing a big POLO shirt, hat , stepping DUNK shoes and hanging chain on the neck is called “Hip-Hop” ,  Hip hop is more importantly for the spirit.


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