Television — Hong Kong film industry

Television (TV) , invented by John Logie Baird in the year 1924. Television is an electronic devices and telecommunication medium for transmit and receive moving images. That images can be monochrome or colored , with or without sound. From television appearances to nowadays, television is an important way of broadcasting and communication.

In Hong Kong , the second over-the-air commercial television station namely Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) . It commenced broadcasting on 19 November 1967.TVB affect the whole Hong Kong film industry and built a stronger media empire that coverage East and Southeast Asia such as Bangkok, Singapore and Malaysia.

In Malaysia, our local wireless television channel for example TV8, TV2 and NTV7, they have bring in a lot of TVB drama. Satellite Television such as ASTRO also import TVB program as well.  In most Chinese families, they influence by the Hong Kong’s entertainment since they are young. That is one of the reason of TVB can stable always in oversea markets.

Nowadays, many of the Hong Kong actors are  drain to others country’s film industry for  example China. That is because the market of China is bigger than Hong Kong and also because of the globalization trend.  Talking about globalization, a very successful Hong Kong actor, Jackie Chan, he is a very famous actor,  action choreographer, comedian and director in Hollywood.

Lastly,  I would like to share his latest movie for this year, It’s CZ12. That is a very exciting movie.


Curtin, M (2003) ‘Media Capital: Towards the Study of Spatial Flows’ International Journal of Cultural Studies Vol 6: 2, pp. 202 – 228

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