Transnational film industries: Hollywood and beyond

The word “Transnational” mean that operating in several nations or nationalities. Therefore, for transnational film industries, some of the company or organization we will naturally connect in our mind such as Hollywood and Bollywood.

Nowadays, Hollywood can be the “Head” of transnational film industries it is because they implement with the processes of co-productions. Co-productions are based on the collaboration between two or more producers from different countries to produce the film. For example, Canada and United States always had collaborative relationship between film makings (Baltruschat, 2012). According to Baltruschat(2012), American production companies willing to shoot their movies in Vancouver it is because American producers can get tax incentives that are offered by the Canadian government, tax incentives can reduces their cost for shooting a film.


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           One of the example that appropriate to co-productions are the movie “ Life of PI”, directed by Ang Lee. He won the Academy Award for the best director for this film (2013).  “Life of PI” are produce by many of the crew and actors that come from different country. Chang Woon Bing and Nor Faisal Abdullah from Malaysia are a part of VFX artists in the produce team. VFX artists are who made the sky, the ship, the island, and the tiger. This film also shot in different country, as the film is shot in a water tank in Taiwan, they remove the background and the divers, after that replace with computer-generated oceans and skies.

Life of PI

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             I agree with Baltruschat(2012) that Hollywood studios such as Paramount Pictures, Warner Brothers, Twentieth Century Fox and MGM had gained effective control of the global theatres. “Global cinema culture” is the form in film industry now. A new film can be premiere in a city and it also can be release at the same time in other countries. This synchronism release of films is delegate of a global cinema culture that is largely orchestrated out of Hollywood.


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