Television in translation.

A translation is a piece of writing or speech that has been put into a different language. In other words, the main purpose of translation is let other people understand the same things in their way.

Nowadays, film industries have entered the transnational model. For export film or television program, the most important things are how the audience from other country with difference language can understand the film. For example, a comedy television drama with funny joke can make fun with local audience but it is not necessarily can make fun with audience from other country, because they can’t get what is the meaning of the joke. It is the culture and lifestyle background are not the same cause.

Generally, “translate” in film are not only the subtitle translates as we know. Translation in film or television are included the actor speech language, body language and the actor accent. As an example of television in translation, Kath& Kim, there are two version of this drama. There are Australian Kath&Kim and American Kath&Kim .  They are expression many of the similar scene in different way.

kath &kim


From my opinion, globalizations are the trend these days. Co-production of film industries will put more effort to solve the translation problem. Everyone are connected with each other via internet, television program can be share on the web and the different people from different country can help to explain their puzzled.


Turnbull, S 2008 ‘It’s Like They Threw a Panther in the Air and Caught It in Embroidery’: Television Comedy in Translation’ Metro Magazine Issue 159

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