News Values

What is news? News is a type of information about the recent events in the country or world or in a particular area of activity that published in newspapers and broadcast on radio and television. In general, news is a platform to answer most of the reader the following simple questions: Who? What? When? Where? Why? and How?



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The reporters and editors to have news publish are based on weighting of the news value of all the facts or stories. Different journalists have slightly different lists for news value. One of the examples of news value is size.   According to Golding, Peter and Philip Elliot(2000) , they state that, “The bigger the story the greater the likelihood of its inclusion, and the greater prominence with which it will be presented. This simple rule of course begs the question of just how events are measured and which dimensions are relevant. The most common considerations are the numbers or type of people involved, or the scale of the event as an instance of a type” (635). The size of the news or story is depend on how many people are involved and how was the event effect to others.




Besides that, when journalist concerned about a specific topic in their reports, that topic will stir up everyone attention. For example, if journalists reported suicide-related news every day, society will naturally concerned about suicide. But we have to know, if we did not read about suicide-related news on today’s newspaper, this does not mean that no suicides occurred in society today, just because journalists do not focus on this topic only.

Because of global media, news is a good platform to convey the message to everyone nowadays. News spread through the network media are more influential and efficiency. As Lee-Wright,P(2012) noted that, in the events of Arab Spring, from Tunisia through Egypt to Libya and many other states, democracy uprising and overthrow the ideological hegemony can quickly expand from one country to another country it is because the dissemination of information by news and network media.

One more example of news value is when and what type of IPHONE will launch by Apple is something everyone interested. It will increase the news value for this topic. Various media platforms will be widely reported about Iphone’s new models and new features when Apple is launched that.

The news was published by journalists are affect the lives of all mankind.



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