“± 2 ℃”- Global Crises, Global News

Global crises by definition are not confined behind national borders, nor are their origins often best accounted for through national prisms of understanding. For example, financial crisis, economic crisis and energy crisis are all belong in global crisis. Crucially, global crises are highly dependent on global news media. The only ways to getting news about global crises are global news media.

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Documentary film  “± 2 ℃”

(Source: 1.  http://file1.u148.net/images/2010/2/1268023130438.jpg )
(Source: 2. http://i375.photobucket.com/albums/oo198/yeohyoyo/4d1a29ea-7493-4c2d-b62b-2a1f346f-1.jpg  )

As last week blog post, journalists can effect on people’s concerns. Journalists through the news media to remind the world concern about global crisis problem. One of the  Taiwan media produce a documentary film  named “± 2 ℃” that release on February 22, 2010, it is a film  not-for-profit purpose and publicly the film’s copyrights for download and public broadcasting to urged the public pay attention to global warming issues. Taiwan media show host Sisy Chen led a team of production, and get some of the entrepreneurs (eg Yan Kai-tai, Terry Gou, etc.)  to support this film, and also together with many Taiwanese singer, actor such as Jay Chou, Mayday, etc. support.

(Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gA85eGvSLsU )

This kind of film can affect people to think and care about global issue and also is a challenge for media how they convey the message to the public.


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