Finally, this is the last blog post for BCM111’s assessment. I have to make a short conclusion for my entire blog post topic here.


Firstly, after three month of study these subject, I learned a lot of things about international media and communication. For example, my first blog post ‘Nowadays education’ is explains today’s education model which is internationalization. Moreover, I awake from wrote the blog post that I am also a part of international student by taken a program from University of Wollongong.


One of my favorite topics in these subjects is about transnational film industries and television. I read a lot of further readings in order to better understand all the things related to topic. For example, I tried to focus on Hong Kong film industry in the topic – Television and the emergence of new ‘media capitals’ to know more about how was the Hong Kong TV development. Besides that, Hollywood is one of the interested topics I found. We watched Hollywood movie always, but we not even know the story behind the scene of these film industry overlord.


Internationalization is the modern trend nowadays, all the things that are related to our life such as education, television, film industries, and media platform are cannot running out of internationalization and co-production. It is proved that international cooperation and between countries should be mutually in order to create a better life in the world.

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