Who I am .

Hi, my name is Hiew Kah Seng. I know that everyone will care more about Facebook name than my real name, so my Facebook name is Kah SEng Hiew. I’m BCMS student in INTI International College Subang taken UOW program. Now is my second semester and I taken BCM110 and BCM 112 this semester. Which mean I have to upgrade my blog and continue blogging for this two subject.

This is the first blog post for this semester and I have to reintroduce myself here. Talking about what I would like to do is I like to take photo,do some video shooting and video editing. That’s why my friends always ask me come to their event and help them capture their happiness moment.

To end my introduce here, I would like to share to you all one of my latest video. It’s about the latest news that everyone care so much ,the missing aircraft”MH370″. In 13th March 2014, me and my friend, seven of us carved a precious and meaningful moment in our memory box. 13th March 2014, the sixth day of MAS incident, KLIA was full of happiness and blessings, we brought a mah-jong paper, a plain paper with a sketch of blessing tree. Spending 5 hours, we requested the tourists around to leave their fingerprints on the tree and signature on the bottom. Indeed, the day was special and warm; people from all around the world, different races, different cultures, different destinations, but one hope.
Hope you enjoy the video and share it out if u like it. Thank You.

 #BCM110  #BCM112

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