Media Effect #BCM110

Media effect is a method that relates to how stories published in the media influence the current trends. It can be classified as a beneficial effect or a harmful effect.


Nowadays, social media is the heart of media form. All the different industry focuses on interpersonal communication between people to people. They use social media to gather people’s power. That is the advantages faces of media effect. For example, GPS application “Waze” provides a platform to let people who are congestion in traffic make a report to help others avoid pass by that place. It is a very helpful thing for all drivers with smartphone. They can get benefic from others driver and also can help others driver. From the other point of view, too much focus on interpersonal communication but only between devices are harmful us especially teenagers spend all the day face to the small screen device-Smartphone more than face-to-face talk to their friends and family. Emphasise on the violent movie that have been a popular movies in the young generation, it also give negative impact on teenagers as they will tend to follow the violent act showed in the movie such as bullying and sexual relationship. But, should the media to be blame for screening such movie? In my opinion, media shouldn’t to get all the blame because parents of the teenagers are responsible to tell their children on what is appropriate and what is not. We should also understand what to believe and what not to. In the old days, there is also such media like radio and television, but the violent cases rate is still low. So think of it, is the media the caused for everything?

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Social media is a platform for communication with people around the world and also a way to get the latest news by sharing image, video clip and website link. It’s sound like convenience, rapidly and productivity. The above clip explains that how if a person post something on social network and what is the outcome will be. If we use social media in business way, that’s an excellent way to get more people attract but it’s dangerous for individual if someone accidentally leak some important information on the social media.



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  1. aubreykang says:

    Yes it is. People are tend to focus on dysfunction.

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