Be A Hero #BCM112 #Trajectories of Convergence

Trajectories of convergence in media basically are the merging of different media platform. Which mean the move from old to new media. It could be classify as three categories, which is industries, technologies and audiences that affected by convergence.  Nowadays, the media industries and the audiences are changes their behavior into digital age. It is the flow of content across platform for example the shift from analog to digital platform.

In addition to face in front of computer and smart gadget during every day’s life, people are more looking forward to have outdoor activities. In particular,who are living in the city, they would like close to nature during holiday. Some of the sport activities people may interest on, that is cycling, driving, motorcycling, mountain biking and skiing, etc. when people come to this type of adventure activities, they might want to store their memorable moment with capture in video or photo format. From my point of view, action cameras should be small, light, waterproof, and shockproof. I think no one would like to bring a bulky DSLR camera for their cycling or skiing activity but we need a camera that can be capable of recording at high frame rates at high resolutions and can produce sharp images.

I would like to introduce an action camera over here. It is not only an action camera because it function are one of the example for trajectories of convergence media. Did you heard a slogan “Be A Hero” before? It is a slogan from a popular action camera nowadays– GoPro.GoPro is a digital product company that makes the world’s most versatile cameras. The best selling product now from the company is GoPro HD Hero camera. GoPro HD Hero camera often used in extreme action video and photography. It let people capture their happiness and the most adventure experience during their favorite activities with High definition quality.


The special about GoPro are not only the lightweight, rugged, wearable and mountable. The GoPro HD Hero 3+ camera had shift from the old camera that only having capture photo and video function. It’s totally different between others digital camera. It can direct connect to the GoPro apps in your smartphone and use your smartphone to control the camera. Sharing what you are doing or sharing where you went through social network are one of the trend in people’s life. With the GoPro apps, user are allowed direct upload their photo and video to social network through their smartphone which mean you can upload and share what you are doing on Youtube immediately. On the flow of media content point of view, GoPro allow users transfer all the content from a GoPro camera to computer, to editing software and also social media.

Photo 23-03-2014 7 04 56 pm

Photo 23-03-2014 7 04 49 pm

Besides that, the GoPro apps also built-in social network function. GoPro camera user can upload their works to Youtube or Vimeo, the apps will decided one of the best video and photo each a day and link it on their apps categories called “VIDEO OF THE DAY” and “PHOTO OF THE DAY” to share with every GoPro user.


One of the funny video capture by GoPro HD Hero camera.
(VIDEO OF THE DAY 20 March 2014)

GoPro camera is one of the convergence media products that makes digital camera perfectly combine with smartphone and the social network.


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1 Response to Be A Hero #BCM112 #Trajectories of Convergence

  1. aubreykang says:

    Media is changing as the way I couldn’t expect. Converging media resembles Pump-Action Shotgun!

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