Look deeper and deeper.

Connotation is an abstract sense, is a cognitive sense between a person to another person or something. The connotation is not something on the surface, but the inner, hidden in the depths. That is something that needs to be explored.


In any piece of poster work, the graphics are most attracting people’s attention. Graphics is a visual language to disseminate information, idea and the exchange of ideas with images, colour and shape. Therefore, it’s different from the symbolic meaning of a simple form. The purpose of graphics are not only to decorative painting, there are an ideology combination of creativity and artistic expression.  It is an aesthetic sense of sublimation, and also full of deep meaning and philosophy.


durex ads


The advertisement that I chose to share here are an advertising poster from Durex. Durex is a company that accounts for 34 percent of the global branded condom market and making it the number-one condom brand in the word. These motifs of advertisement are came up by Istanbul-based Firat Doger.


When people look at the advertisement first time, people will think it as few shark carries by a plastic bag. It is what the poster shows you and what you think at first look. Let’s look deeper and think what is the message that the advertisement wants to tell us. From the connotations point of view, this advertisement are deliver the message which is even though a few dangerous looking sharks are swimming around inside, the Durex condom are keeps the whole soup nicely ties up, so none of the dangerous cocktail can escape. Therefore, the main point that Durex needs to tell us is “Durex is safe”.


I think this kind of connotations advertisements popular nowadays are not without reason. Our society is pushing limitations when it comes to freedom of speech and open sexual content. Advertising is one of the ways towards it.


Bioportfolio.com, 2014. Durex Company Profile. [online] Available at: <http://www.bioportfolio.com/corporate/company/35046/Durex.html&gt; [Accessed 27 March. 2014].


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1 Response to Look deeper and deeper.

  1. I love the image you have found its great it really shows how the connotations can change as you look deeper into the image. I didn’t even notice that this was a condom add until you mentioned it within your blog. You could also argue the connotations of the sharks, as a reference to the sperm being swimmers? Maybe but i really like your argument!


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