“It’s too long to read!” #BCM112

Do you often keep hit on the “Next” button when installing software or apps on your computer and smartphone especially the “License Agreement” part?   “It’s too long to read”, people always ignore the license agreement part, which come with too many policy cause people lazy to read it.

When it come to GoPro, based on GoPro official website, there are five type of policies provided which is Warranty& Returns Policy, Shipping Policy, Privacy Policy, Trademark& Brand Policy and Copyright Policy. The ‘Warranty& Returns Policy’ and ‘Shipping Policy’ are given for customers who buy their products. One of the special services state on Warranty& Returns policy is ‘30 Day Money Back Guarantee’. It’s a guaranty only for customer purchases through their GoPro’s online store. ‘If at any time within 30 days of receiving your order, you are not 100% satisfied, you may return it to us for a refund. No questions asked.’ –Warranty& Returns policy stated. Online shopping are convenience but still not fully trusted by people because of internet scam cases still happen. I think that GoPro’s ’30 Day Money Back Guarantee’ is a stronger strategy to gain people trust on their online store service.

Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 7.06.59 PM




(Source:http://gopro.com/support/articles/warranty-information/ )

A clearly policies provided is a way to prove that the company are guarantee their own products and brand. It’s also exhibit the companies are guarantee and protected their consumer rights through the benefit part from the policies especially warranty and repair services.

“Sharing is caring” ,this is one of the quotes we always heard. Nowadays, people share everything with others. But do not misunderstand; I’m not talking about sharing a piece of cake with your friends or sharing a BigMac with your lover. The “share” that I mean is sharing information with others, whether what you are eating or where you went to, even who you relationship with. Social media is the platform that we sharing everything on, such as Facebook, Youtube and Instagram, etc.

When people are captured really cool moment with a GoPro camera, the first action would be share it with their friends and family through social network. Posting video on Youtube or posting photo on Facebook are very common way by sharing. A lot of high quality and excellent video can be found on Youtube especially the extremely activity’s video uploaded by GoPro users. But, some of the problem might happen. Everyone can easily download every video on Youtube, illegal use of video would happen. To prevent video be illegally reproduced, cover with watermark or logo are one of the way to protect our copyright of the video.

Be A Hero. Be a wise consumer.

GoPro official website(Policies) – http://gopro.com/support/policies
GoPro official website(Copyright policy) – http://gopro.com/copyright-policy/



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