Who own the media you use daily?

Last time, people reading newspaper was one of the ways to receive news update and receive messages from media. Newspaper was a one-way communication media platform, reader couldn’t give feedback directly. In other words, newspaper was one of the media platforms that control by a gatekeeper, they controlled the media content and filter all the given content.

“Our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have.” –Richard Salant, former President of CBS News

Something is totally wrong here. In a democracy national, people will pay attention in how media freedom they are. When it come to social media, it would be a more freedom platform, people can giving feedback, discuss and comment in such things they care. In social media, people are not allowed only receiving message from media teller, everyone would joining in creating media content and find out what people want to know.

Who own the social media we daily use? For example, most of us use Facebook daily. Facebook has recently become a publicly traded company. However, Mark Zuckerberg, chairman and CEO, is still the majority shareholder with 28% of the stocks. In March 2013, Facebook had 1.11Billion users (Statisticbrain.com, 2014), which means Facebook, are the third largest ‘country’ in the world following by China 1.3 billion and India 1.2 Billion of population. From my point of view, China still blocked Facebook until today was political issue and economy issue. Facebook was a company from United States, if China open to their national to access Facebook that means Unites States will own all the content from that 1.3 billion China’s people because Facebook users would tell Facebook their relationship status but not their parents, Facebook would know what their user eat and where they went everyday. Hence, who own the media would be a wide implications issue.



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