The angle-People are following your eyes

“New media technologies have lowered production and distribution costs, expanded the range of available delivery channels and enabled consumers to archive, annotate, appropriate and recirculate media content in powerful new ways”( Jenkins,2004)

Today, technologies around us are constantly changing into a new model. Flow of content between media platform are happen. Media content are being open to each others.Based on Jenkins,2004 stated, new media technologies have lowered production and distribution costs, which mean we can use lower cost to produce media content. Nowadays, everyone’s hand is holding at least one smart gadget with all-in-one function such as social app, photo and video capture, etc. That mean gadget in our life are being cheaper than in the past, holding a phone, camera and computer are not an economic burden for people right now. Therefore, media content are from a closed era become open. We cannot simply sharing information with others in the past and also we don’t have the way to share information with others, but now sharing information are one of the common lifestyle. People are sharing what they like, what they doing and what they seen in the simple way.

For example, GoPro are the world’s most versatile cameras but it not cost expensive. People can buy it through camera shop or online store easily. The small and light camera size design are targeting on individual who don’t want bringing a bulky camera. Hence, GoPro camera let individuals produce their own story. Capture video or photo using GoPro camera can transfer all the content into your personal computer, after that can be edit through editing software such as Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Photoshop, the output can post on social network to share with others. Just only the few step, individual are not difficult to produce a quality media content compare to only a big TV production team can work on it in the past.

From the media aesthetics of view, individual produce their own story are more lean to first person of view. Which mean they shoot from the angle that what people’s eye looking, it is such an interested angle of view compare with using DSLR’s angle.




Jenkins, Henry (2004), The cultural logic of media convergence, International Journal of Cultural Studies, Volume 7(1): 33–43. 

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