Call me Captain,the hot topic.

Basically, the concept of public sphere is most often related with Jurgen Habermas, author of  “The Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere” (1962), the Public Sphere is a metaphoric term of virtual space which allows for public discussion of current issues (McKee, 2005). For example, the World Wide Web is not actually a web; cyberspace is not an actual space. Public sphere is the virtual space where the citizens of a country discuss issues and exchange ideas.

Nowadays, people discuss their idea through social network. It could be say the new forms of media are further participating in public sphere. By writing this blog, you could say that I am also contributing to the public sphere.

Dividing the facts and focusing rather on entertainment, I agree with McKee, 2005 that mediated public sphere is an effective tool of carrying topical issue to the front of the public’s mind. The formations of public sphere given a platform to each other share their idea when watched something. Through the mediated public sphere, people will easily find out the hot topic that everybody cares.

captainamerica1951669 (Source:

When it comes to film, action movie and hero movie are famous for many comic fans and movie lovers. For example the latest hero’s movie ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ and ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ are most people look forward to. Why was this kind of movie become popular? Why was this kind of movie contributed? I think people are living in an environment that lack of security, which mean unsafe things are posted on newspaper everyday, people are hoping have a hero can help them. However hero inside movie are unrealistic but people tend to trust.

Video and Film

Besides that, every movie production will aim at certain public issue to attract people’s attention and generate resonate, people will often discuss about the public issue in that particular movie they watched, mediated public sphere would be the ‘space’ for them to share their opinion.


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