Over the past weeks of studying BCM110 subject, it brings me touch in different areas of media. Something we just use as normally but come to BCM110, it can be explain clearly. For example like we are in a mediated public sphere but we are not perceived before I learn this subject. Media is everywhere around us, I totally realise that media are influences our life daily.

I learned how the media content effect our life. An unhealthy media content will influences some people such as the violence content in a film will error educate children because children still cannot distinguish whether are correct or not. Secondly I learned that we couldn’t only see the surface on everything. Look deeper and deeper that will find out the connotations on. An advertisement with some creative connotations is a trend of marketing strategies. It would attract more people attention and think about it.

Besides that, I think who own the media that we used everyday are not so important but the freedoms of the media content are the most important for people nowadays, democracy is everyone’s expectations, we want to be free.

“Blogging has revived–and begun to expand–the public sphere, and in the process may revitalise our democracies.”( Naughton,2009) I’m contributing to the public sphere right now because I’m blogging. I share my opinion to this blogging platform; it is a virtual space where we gather to generate opinions.

To conclude, after finishing this blog assignment, I would say I learned a lot of new things and had an eye-opening experience in media industry. I am pleased with the outcome. I am looking forward to have improving in the next BCM blogging exercise.



(John Naughton, “Why Everyone’s Invited to the Tenth Birthday Bash for Blogger.” The Observer, Sep. 13, 2009)


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