You’re in the network

Nowadays, most people read others tweet before they begin tweeting on twitter, or look at Facebook or Instagram before they begin sharing their own photo. But, whatever way one goes about it; once you start sharing and connecting with others in the way of those who connect with yours, you’re participating in something called produsage. The word ‘Produsage’ is a portmanteau of the words “production” and “usage”, which means the participant is led in the content creation that takes place in the online environments. For example Wikipedia, users can simply creating something new in their website and also edit the content on the site.

According to Bruns, producers work together to create content rather than working as individuals are the characteristic of ‘Produsage’(Bruns, 2007). The content creation is done by a number of different users rather than a single author. When it comes to GoPro camera, users are allowed using video editing software to combine those video clip capture by different camera even capture by different user. The convergent of media platform allowed the content created by GoPro camera shift to the editing platform and also sharing online after the editing process has been done.


When the produsage’s platform has been formed, the content that create by open participation is often unfinished and content development process would be continuous (Bruns, 2007) . Since it was a virtually platform for all users to contribute to an existing content, there would be a motivation to pull up the further content improve. GoPro camera supports multiple platform usage, it helps users involve in edit and remix process other than a normal digital camera. The “Video of the day” community given a produsage platform to GoPro users showing their video production to everyone and it’s also a motivation to encourage users to keep improve their shooting skill and bring in more and more creative by using the GoPro camera to shoot.



Bruns, Axel 2007, ‘Produsage: Towards a Broader Framework for User-led Content Creation”, In proceedings Creativity& Cognition 6, Washington, DC.

Snurb 2007, Produsage: A Working Definition, accessed 04/05/2014,


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