We are the same

In this world, there are man and women. Except gender, we are the same; We are human.

According to Penny 2011, in the social network, female’s opinion is the mini-skirt of Internet. “Having one and flaunting it is somehow asking an amorphous mass of almost-entirely male keyboard-bashers to tell you what they’d like to do to you” (Penny 2011). As a male Internet user’s perspective, the opinion from female would be more pay attention to it because the comment from different gender maybe can let us understand what are they thinking of and what are the response from female.


“We all need to take responsibility for our own behaviour online. What would your wife, girlfriend, sister or mum think if they knew you anonymously posted comments telling a woman they’d be better off dead, or should get back into the kitchen?” (Evans 2011)  I am a male Internet user. I promise myself I would be responsibility on my online activity. Many people think Internet is a space that can do anything without legal constraints, they are wrong. As an Internet user, we must control our self and learn to respect other especially people who are different gender.


The world and the society are still in the changing process, the society needs time to make everything become equality. Some of the female are over reckless and emotional during they strive for gender equality. For example, they exaggerate the small things such as an opportunity. A male and a female interview for a job, if the company admits the male interviewee, the female interviewee will feel like the company has gender discrimination.


Girls, the society is moving towards to become gender equality. Please be patience and think of the Apple ‘SIRI’, there is a woman spoke to everyone, not a men.



Penny, L 2011, ‘Female’s opinion is the mini-skirt of internet’, IOL Scitech, 11 November, accessed 30/05/2014, http://www.iol.co.za/scitech/technology/internet/female-s-opinion-is-the-mini-skirt-of-internet-1.1176515#.U5r98RZDi0s

Evans, K 2011, ‘Men call me things: it’s not as romantic as it sounds, The Drum, 11 November, accessed 30/05/2014, http://www.abc.net.au/news/2011-11-11/evans-men-call-me-things-and-its-not-romantic-twitt/3659712


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