Have a break

It’s done! I have completed the blogging exercise for BCM112. During pass five week,  I learnt a lot from lecture and during my blogging research.

Firstly, my blog post title was ‘You’re in the network’, I learnt a new word on that week’s lecture, it is ‘Produsage’ which mean the participant is led in the content creation that takes place in the online environments. It is the things normally we do but we did not realize.

Secondly, transmedia storytelling is a trend for now, everything are linking. The example given during lecture are interesting, ‘The matrix World’ is a good example to explain what is transmedia. Transmedia is a story that scattered over many channels.

Other than that, one of my favorite topics in this semester is ‘Remix Cultures’. The curiousness things for me are I found that IPhone can be one of the product involve in remix culture. But, when we talk about remix, we must think about remix music first.

‘Clicktivism’ is one of the topic that reflects our daily life. Who have not even go for Facebook or instagram to hit the ‘Like’ button? I think the answer is no one. Everybody cliking ‘Like’ on social media, but do you think ‘Like’ are more powerful than comment? For my opinion, I hope my reader giving me comment and feedback that I can know what they are thinking about, not only click a ‘Like’ and close it.

Lastly, the society was moving towards to become gender equality, I appeal to girls, be patience. We like fair to everyone.

As a conclusion, this semester’s blogging exercise has made me realized that I have to improve my writing skill, as my lecturer advise, read more and write better.

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