childhood memories – Television


For those X generation people, televisions are the only entertainment product in their house. On that time, every family member gather in living room after dinner, face on televisions and start watching television and talk to each other. That is the childhood memories that my father told me.


There was no smart gadget such as IPad, IPhone and computer during the old days compare with us nowadays, everyone hold at least one smart gadget and face on their own screen after dinner. Just like me and my brother, we use ‘WhatsApp’ to communicate even I am just on up stair in house.


As my father told me, he always sat on the small chair beside my grandmother and will told her a lot of story happened in school during the television time.

Lets watch the TV


Talking to childhood’s television memories, my mother show like prestige to us because she said, her house was the only one having television inside their house in the whole village. The screen was no colour on that time; there are only black and white images. During the drama showing time, many people from their village will gather outside their house and watch the television through the small windows.


Nowadays, the ways people watching TV program were totally different. Let’s said television, we got so many channel could be choose especially satellite television such as Astro. Other than that, we can watch television program through different platform.


Human in progress, technology changing our life.

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