Audience Measurement

A data analysis report only can measure whether the things we did were success or not.  People would like to use an analysis report to assure something such as marketer will did an audiences research before going to market segmentation.


Audience measurements basically are those concepts of “wathching”, “listening”, “reading” and “visiting”. It is a measure on the numbers of people in an audience; normally there would be the relation to radio listenership, television viewership, newspaper or book readership and, increasingly, the visit on websites.


Programmer and film producers need to address a potential audience or potential market for their products with a suitable marketing mix. That mean the products design, content and pricing such as price charging for advertising slot should be matched the potential market and audiences. People who will care about the information on audiences would be media owners, advertisers and sponsors. To measure the viewership of a particular television programme, most of the broadcasters would use ratings point as a measuring tool.


Ratings point would be the way to calculate how many people are reaches by the television programme. It could be clearly analysis and showing the ‘Gross rating points’ (GRPs) or ‘Target rating points’ (TRPs)(Cram 2012). But, the disadvantages were there would be a lot of mistake on the result. For example, people whom always on their television in house but they are not exactly watching and focus on the content, they were not receiving the message that deliver by the producer or media owner. Once the television in house are on, the system would automatically calculate in the ratings of that particular television programme whether the people in front of television are watching or not.


Besides that, today’s program content is viewed on more than just television sets. Consumers are watching television content through the Internet and smart gadget, in-home and out-of-home, live and time-shifted, free and paid, rebroadcast and original programs (Nielsen n.d.). There would be the challenge to the audience measurement now.



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