When Internet come into my house

Back to 1970’s time, my father and mother told me that there were no such Internet things and they even don’t know what ‘Internet’ actually is on that time.

Dialing Up Web History


I still remember my father bought us a desktop computer in the year 2003, I was only nine years old. No broadband internet on that time and we used the telephone cable to connect to internet. The internet service provided by Telekom Malaysia and the service name called ‘TMNET 1515”, such a famous Internet service on that era. Besides that, we got no smart gadget on that time and we don’t use WIFI because only computer with telephone cable only can access to internet. Nowadays, broadband internet come into home, WIFI become needed for everybody, it could be classify in the Maslow’s Pyramid as a basic human needs. As today’s trend, every home must have a WIFI router and every family member connects to that router using different smart gadget to get access to internet.

Basic human needs, right? #humanneeds #wifi #internet #happiness


According to The Telegraph, homebuyers now rank a fast broadband connection above off-street parking and local amenities when considering a new property, a poll reveals(The Telegraph 28 September 2012). From that we can find out how fast broadband Internet was important to our life. It’s much like electricity or running water, broadband has become something people are not prepared to live without, so it’s little wonder it’s now such a major factor for homebuyers.

I just HATE Internet Service Providers!! (in Maldives)


For my opinion, Internet had changed our life in a positive way. There are many advantages of the Internet that show us the important of Internet come into our home even our daily life. There is no doubt about that because the Internet changed our life enormously.

Firstly, talking about advantages that Internet impact of our daily life, to spend a part of day on the Internet is quite normal for many people. You can use Internet at home for personal or you at work for professional usage. That was good for us to increase our working efficiency through Internet that would let us linking to office 24 hours. And also many people work as a SOHO (Small Office/ Home Office) because of Internet can link to each other, step out from house to office are needless. But, the other side would make us lack of personal space. Try to think, would you like to receive your supervisor ‘WhatsApp’ after working time or during your personal dinner time?

By the way, we still can’t live without Internet. We use Internet to get information about all kinds of topics. ‘Where to eat?’ would be asked by my friend everyday, the answer was simple now, ‘just online search which shop are nearby us’. I don’t even dare to imagine if I forgot to pay my mobile data bill or campus’s WIFI not working.

Other than that, “Learning” was a important part for human. Internet makes us easy access to information. Online reference books and dictionaries replace the way to the bookshop or to the library. It is also the easier way to search for information in the Internet rather than finding a book in a very large bookstore. Moreover, information in the Internet is renewed and up to date. For example, people can read the daily newspapers from all over the world, sometimes for free. Besides that, most newspaper sites have an archive in which you can search for old articles. This would change the way we read printed newspaper in house. In the future, people will not read the printed newspaper in the morning any more. They are reading e-paper through their IPad.

So many of advantages for Internet impact on our life. But, think of the negative aspects. For my opinion, the most serious issue of the impact of the internet on our daily life would be the social behavior, habits and abilities of people. Everybody knew this negative effect but how could we solve it?

Nowadays, when every household has their computer and smart gadget with accessible to the Internet, we should learn how to use it. The World Wide Web and virtual space is going to become more important and everybody should be able to use this tool, even those children. For children, they should learn to know how to get information, how to communicate in the Internet and where they can meet people online. They are going to facing difficulties with getting on in their lives if they are not able to use the Internet.  For my opinion again, I think that is important for children to learn to use Internet and also very important that they learn to have the right attitude towards the Internet.

Reflect to my childhood time, the time that we gather with family members, we talk to each other. But, most of the family would face the same problem. Everyone facing their own smart devices and not talking to each other while the time everyone gather in the living room. We must educate children from now on and not just giving them an ‘IPad’ and say “have fun and be quiet”. The Internet will never replace the real world. Hence, Internet is a great tool if you know how to handle it but it should not be a replacement for real friends, for a real life never ever.



The Telegraph, 2012, ‘Fast broadband more important to house buyers than parking’, accessed 27/08/2014, http://www.telegraph.co.uk/property/propertynews/9570756/Fast-broadband-more-important-to-house-buyers-than-parking.html

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