What would force you going to cinema?

Do you like to watch a film in cinema? For me, I like that so much. The purpose that forced me going to cinema, sitting there for two hour to watching a movie, the only reason was I enjoy the ‘film-watching experience’. It is also the most important things for going to cinema, such as the amazing sound experience and the high definition graphic images.

Photography is truth, and cinema is truth 24 times per second


Sometime, I hate staying in cinema, that aren’t because of the film are suck, that is because the people around me don’t even know what is respect and don’t even know others’ felling. For my cinema experiences, I belief that cinema was a place for movie lover to enjoy a movie, to hearing the message that deliver by the director. But, I meet some of the people going to cinema and bring their McDonald burger, that doesn’t matter if you eat burger during movie showing time in your own house but not in cinema. Cinema was a public space for everyone. Can you imaging that you keep having burger smell around you when you watching ‘Captain America’?


Besides that, one other serious problem during film screening was the people keep texting and answer phone call beside you. I don’t understand why this kind of people paid ten bucks plus for texting and answer call inside the theatres. This kind of people will makes a fantastic movie become distraction and let me fell that maybe watching film at home would be better.


As a movie fan, I enjoy nothing more than becoming absolutely sucked into a film and disturbed by others for two hour.


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