Video recording in public space

Public space has historically been described as “open space”, meaning the streets, parks and recreation areas, plazas and other publicly owned and managed outdoor spaces, as opposed to the private domain of housing and work(Tonnelat, S ,n.d.).


I went to a video premiere in Golden Screen Cinemas, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur on last month. It was a public service event to create awareness of allows guide dogs in public places. The film ‘Are You Blind’ by Jason Lim Productions depicts the life on how the blind in Malaysia are ignored and how certain individuals unnecessarily react to the blind and how the system disallows guide dogs in public places.


This film was shot in many public places such as bus stop and Pavilion shopping mall. The film is using an experiment way to record those involver’s first response to the issue. For my opinion, the film was great and successful to create awareness. But, a serious problem inside the film was they make video recording the face of guards, public human around the public places without their permission. Would you like somebody make a video recording of you without your permission when you walking in a shopping mall and publish the video on social network?

Besides that, the security guards inside the video are only on duty and follow the security rule on their work. I am not agree the production team keep blaming that not allow the guide dog get into that mall and make the video clip on public. Not only that, the production team also make a promote poster before the screen premiere and posted on one of their sponsor, Neway Karaoke Box Malaysia’s official website. The poster clearly showed the faces of the guards. The action of them just likes making fun with other’s response.



(Source: Facebook/Neway Karaoke Box Malaysia)

Based on the video, is there any privacy in public spaces? I don’t think so. As a video producer has to control this kind of problem happen in their video. They can cover the public faces during the editing process for respect others privacy in the public spaces.



Tonnelat,S ,n.d., ‘The Sociology of urban public spaces’, accessed 10/09/2014,

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