The carrying out of two or more tasks at the same time by one person called ‘Multitasking’. For example, when you eating while you are listening to someone. From the media point of view, multitasking is a person who using two or more digital devices at the same time or a person use different media platform at the same time are consider as multitasking. According to Adam & James, 2011, nearly 59 percent of Americans watch television while also using their computers to access the Internet at least once per month, and the amount of time spent media multitasking in the home grew 35 percent in 2009 alone. Media multitasking is rapidly becoming a behavior.


Nowadays, multitasking is a trend. So many people have more than two digital devices such as laptop, smartphone, tablet, and etc. You can use your laptop and smartphone at the same time. But, do you really focus on what you are doing? Multitasking can let us finish more than one thing in the same time, but are you sure the quality of your work is better than focusing on one thing? I agree multitasking have a lot of advantages for us, just like Apple also create a very excellence platform for multitasking user. The new IOS 8 operation for IPhone and IPad can connect with the new Mac OS X Yosemite. That was a great combine which people can receive call through your MacBook directly. It was a change to make people more focus on one device rather than using laptop and smartphone at the same time.

Make phone calls from your Mac right now


According to a research from Janna & Lee, 2012, the brains of multitasking teens and young adults are “wired” differently from those over age 35 and overall it yields baleful result in the year 2020. They do not retain information; they spend most of their energy sharing short social messages, being entertained, and being distracted away from deep engagement with people and knowledge. They lacy deep-thinking capabilities; they lack face-to-face social skills; they depend in unhealthy ways on the Internet and mobile devices to function. Overviews of multitasking will changes in behavior and cognition among the young are generally negative outcomes.


I agree with Janna & Lee,2012, if people handling too many devices at the same time, it will make them lose focus on their life. Try to think if you put 80 percent of your life into digital devices, how people’s life going on?



Adam, B & James, G 2011, ‘Media Multitasking Behavior: Concurrent Television and Computer Usage’, Cyberpsychology, Behavior and social networking, accessed 18/09/2014,

Janna, A & Lee, R 2012, ‘Main findings: Teens, technology, and human potential in 2020’, PewResearch Internet Project, accessed 18/09/2014,

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