The rules to protect you


No matter where you are in, there will be a rule for you to follow. A movie I watched last week, ‘The Maze Runner’ director by Wes Ball. The film shows us a teenager arrives in a glade at the center of a giant labyrinth and have to live with other youths dumped there before him. The person who dumped there earlier was set the rule for people living there and the comer have to follow it. From this short scene of the film, we can recognize that where people gather, where was the rule are. It doesn’t matter whether the rule are showed or hidden.

Facebook Login


Username and password

The very first things we meet on Internet would be the username and password. Remember the first time you log on to Facebook, Email and Twitter? The first things we did were registering an account with username and password. Nowadays, username as important as your identification card for people recognize you on Internet. According to Ramsey,L 2010, one of the social media etiquette was pick a screen name that represents you or your company well. Don’t call yourself ‘Loser’ unless you want to be known by that name. Around eight years back when we are using ‘Friendster’ as a social network platform, people like to use nickname as their username such as ‘Pretty Fish’ that you could not recognize who are they based on their screen name. But, compare with Facebook nowadays, people tend to use their real name at social network because it is an identification of that person also. Username and password was the first stage of people log on something on Internet. It is a rule to protect you and your account on the Internet spaces. If your password were hacked by someone, you would lose a lot of data or affect your self-image and so on. Thus, do you think the username and password, the simple rule on Internet is important for us?



Ramsey, L 2010, ‘Top 12 Rules of social media etiquette’ , Businessknowhow, accessed 03/10/2014,

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