Malaysian’s film industry still have the chance

According to statistics from the National Film Development Corporation (Finas), the total number of local films produced has increased substantially over the years, from 39 in 2010, to a high of 76 in 2012, and 71 in 2013(Shavin,p 2014). Seem like the quantity of local film have increasing these few years. The numbers of local film had increased but the numbers of audiences to choose local movie not increase that much I think.


Creativity of storyline and the quality of images is the problem why Malaysian not choosing local movie in cinema. Based on Jungels, S ,n.d., The issue of ‘film piracy’ has become an increasingly high-profile issue. If the Malaysian film producers are going to copy others film’s storyline, it couldn’t reach their audiences in the successful way and also it wouldn’t attract the international market. Thus, business groups, national governments, international organizations and law enforcement agencies have claimed that ‘piracy’ has undergone near-exponential growth, doing untold damage to the movie industry (Yar, M 2005). But, I have to make it clear right here, I am not saying all local movie producer are ‘copy-cating’ others work in their film. In general public audiences point of view, they have a mind-set like local film’s story and graphic are not good as others such as Hollywood, Taiwan, China, and etc. Malaysian only paid for a film and it worth a great cinema experience.


I meet one of the local film directors, Chiu keng Guan before. He is a leader of Chinese film industry and also a head of Chinese productions at Astro. His name is familiar for Malaysian I guess because his Chinese and English language film, ‘The Journey’ has breaks the Malaysia box office record for highest grossing Malaysian film earlier this year, earning an astounding of RM17 million. Malaysian still would go to cinema and watch local film, but it is based on the professional of the film production team. Malaysian will choose to paid for ‘The Journey’ in cinema because of it was the third film directed by Chiu. People have watched his last two films, which is ‘Tiger Woohoo’ and ‘Great day’, they having an evaluation in their mind on how well that Chiu’s film would be. Chiu said, when the ‘Tiger Woohoo’ in producing, he cobbled together one million ringgit from a combination of bank loans, friends and family to make the film because of his initial investor pulled out three weeks before shooting on the advice that “local movies wouldn’t work’. The result of today was not necessarily, local film still have the chance.


“We need a lot of people who really love movie to come into the industry,”says director Chiu Keng Guan(Chew,J 2013). It is the real that local film production need. The industry needs a lot of people who love movie but not only being ‘capy-cating’.

For my opinion, I saw the chance and hope of Malaysia’s film industry. Why I felt that? Have a look the video below, a part of behind the scene of ‘The Journey’, you would find the answer.




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