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Finally, this semester’s weekly blogging exercise coming to the end when I’m posting this reflection post. In other words, this subject is almost done in the semester. I have blogged since I taking BCM subject started last year. After one year of blogging “training”, I felt like I already find out the way to writing in public. I felt like I can do my blog faster than last time.

Firstly, I just want to re-introduce my task here. This is a blog for my BCM subject (A subject offer by University of Wollongong) which I am taking BCM 240 (Media,Audience, Place) this semester. These subjects have to write a blog weekly base on the weekly lecture topic. Honestly, I don’t like to blogging actually but weekly blogging was become one of my weekly hobbit now.

I am just using very simple template design for my blog because of I like simple and clear design, just like Apple’s designing style (I am Apple fans actually). For each and every blog post, I will tackle one or two main point from the lecture and focus on it. Thus, my blog post writing style are very focus on one or two point because I don’t think my blog reader would wasting too much time and too much of comprehension ability on my blog post. This is one of my blogging strategies to attract reader come and read my blog. Try to think, would you like to waste a long time to read a blog post and using complex thinking on other’s blog? For example, why people would waste more time on ‘Facebooking’ rather than writing or reading a blog? From my opinion, the trend of people more likely to social media such as Facebook and Twitter would form because of people like to read a short, straight to the point and can get faster response such as ‘Like’ and ‘comment’ on this kind of social media platform. Others than that, Facebook and Twitter could read many people’s writing on the same time and on the same page rather than you need to save each and every friend’s blog URL and go through one by one. Hence I still need to write a blog post for my subject, so I decided to use the same strategy as I posting something on my Facebook. Other than just writing my opinion with a lot of words, I will try my best to linking some image and video on each of my blog post.

When taking to linking image and video, I will be very careful of the copyrights problems. Because of as a media student and I learnt a lot of creative commons licenses in this subject. I always copy and paste an image on ‘google image’ before I study BCM subject. Starting from this semester’s, I would use all image from ‘Flickr’ with legal license when I insert an image to my blog. Other than use of image with creative common license, I also did a lot of references for each of my blog post. Which mean I will do references lists to give clear indication of the idea or resources when I did the research for that topic.

Hashtag, useful to linked all BCM student in different country. A hashtags is a sign or label for content. It helps people who are interested in a certain topic, quickly find content on that same topic (Campbell, A 2013). For example, all Wollongong’s BCM student will use hashtag #bcm240 in our blog post. Thus we can find each other blog by just searching the hashtag bcm240. It could be compare to previous time, if people posting their article on newspaper, there are no way to find out the related topic’s article that people want to read unless you find it one by one. But on the blogging space, people write an article can be found by using hashtag and giving response to the writer immediately. Not only blogging space, ‘Facebook’, ‘Twitter’ and others social media platform can use hashtag as well. It could be reflection thinking on the offline publisher such as newspaper and the online posting. By using newspaper publisher, It would have gatekeeper to filter the entire article before publish to the public (Gatekeepers n.d.). In other words, not everyone can voice out by using the offline media. But, coming to this internet generation which we are in now, networking come into every houses and internet become one of the needed lifestyle. Everyone can speak out their personal thinking and idea, sharing with others though social network such as Facebook, Twitter and blogging just like the way I am using now.

The problem I felt during my blogging is the audiences. I don’t actually know who and how many people are reading my writing. I don’t want my blogging is just for my submission of assignment and I try to find more audiences. But, honestly I am not the one very good in writing but I am in practice. I hear a question before, “what do you do when no one’s paying attention to you?” The answer is practice. ‘This is what we do when the world is enamored with mediocrity, when everyone around us seems to be in a race to the bottom. We step back, take our time, and improve. We turn down the self-promotion and tune out the distractions, and we work. We work very, very hard. We focus and build our craft. And guess what? We actually get better.’ (Goins, J 2014) I don’t actually care how I get how many ‘like’ or response on my blog, but I will keep practice and write better in the future.

Finally, end of my reflection on this semester’s blogging exercise and will be back very soon.

Campbell, A 2013, ‘What is a Hashtag? And what do you do with Hashtags?’, Small Business Trends, accessed 10/10/2014, http://smallbiztrends.com/2013/08/what-is-a-hashtag.html

Goins, J 2014, ‘One weird way to get a larger audience’, Goinswriter, accessed 10/10/2014, http://goinswriter.com/larger-audience/

Gatekeepers n.d., MediaMiser, accessed 10/10/2014, http://www.mediamiser.com/resources/pr-glossary/gatekeepers-news-gatherers-at-a-major-newspaper/

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