About Research

We do research all the time. We search for the restaurant for dinner, we search the best food in town, we search for all we want to know. Research basically is you asking a question and u find out the answer. According to Berger& Arthur 2014, research literally means “to search for, to find” and also in general sense, research means looking for information about something.

Those examples that I given is our everyday research. There are such a different between scholarly research and everyday research. Scholarly research is what we did for academic. It is generally speaking, more systematic, more careful, and more concerned about correctness and truthfulness than everyday research(Berger& Arthur, 2014). Besides that, everyday research is more on common sense, be casual and focus on personal decisions. We generally will involves personal matters things we might want to do or product we might want to purchase on everyday research but we can apply all those thinking into scholarly research. Scientific thinking must be use on scholarly research to make it logical and bases its conclusions on rigorous thinking and honesty.

A lot of research method to having a research. Quantity and quality are the general method when its come to research. From the point of media research, quantitative research are more think of numbers, magnitude, and measurement. But, it could not cover everything and it maybe cannot be quantified as an important research. Besides that, qualitative research involves such as text’s properties, degree of excellence, and distinguishing characteristics. Between these two method on research, there are such tools to be use to complete a research such as social media. Social media was one of the useful tools to reach a numbers of audiences nowadays. Using social media as a tools on research allows researchers to study a large volumes of conversation at a lower investment and with faster turnarounds.

Berger, Arthur A. 2014, ‘What is research?’, in Media and communication research methods : an introduction to qualitative and quantitative approaches, 3rd ed., SAGE, Los Angeles, pp. 13-32

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