Research-Emotional Contagion on FACEBOOK

According to Adam, Jamie& Jeffrey (2014) showed a research on Facebook about the emotional states can be transferred to others through emotional contagion that will leading people to experience the same emotions with their awareness. Facebook is the largest online social network, they recognize that emotional contagion is well build up an experiments in laboratory because of people will transfer positive and negative moods and emotions to others through social network platform. Thus, the purpose of Facebook conduct this research paper is they want to testify that emotional contagion occurs via text-based computer-mediated communication; contagion of psychological and physiological qualities has been suggested based on correlational data for social networks generally; and people’s emotional expressions on Facebook predict friends’ emotional expressions, even days later (Adam, Jamie& Jeffrey 2014).

This is a quantitative research that Facebook conduct by using the experiment way on their users. The experiments took place for one week that participants were randomly selected based on their User ID and their posts will be analysis whether it is positive or negative by Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count software word counting system. By the way, user who viewed Facebook in English were qualified for selection into the experiment (Adam, Jamie& Jeffrey 2014).

Facebook had examined these data by comparing each emotion condition that collected from the experiment. They examined overall posting rate though a Poisson regression, using the percent of posts omitted as a regression weight.

Besides that, people controversy about this study its because of the way that experiments collecting data. They randomly select their users without their permission was like invasion of user’s personal privacy. It’s ethics about the organization that how they protect user’s personal data because this study are not only done by Facebook’s internal department. It was an outsource study that supported by Facebook News Feed team, Facebook Core Data Science team and etc. From my opinion, I think Facebook have the rights to having this kind of experiments because it is all the date inside their server. I think if people want to post something on Internet, they must be understand that they’re no such privacy between this platform.

Kramer, Adam D. I., Guillory, Jamie E. & Hancock, Jeffrey T. 2014, ‘Experimental evidence of massive-scale emotional contagion through social networks’, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, vol. 111, no. 24, pp. 8788-8790

Hunter, D 2014, “Facebook puts ethics of research by private companies in spotlight”, The Conversation, accessed 30/04/2015,

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