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In Australia, The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) was conducted a research to enhance the understanding of the role of online interaction in the lives of children and young people especially in the use of social networking services. In ACMA &Newspoll (2013), the research will addressed the issues of the role of internet plays in children and young people’s lives, children and young people’s use of social networking services, parental concern and involvement, protection of children, the online risks and harms associated with social networking services, cyberbullying , sexting ,and education and information.

According to ACMA &Newspoll (2013), all data collection methodology for this research was a self-completion online questionnaire. Besides that, the target research object was children and young people who are aged between 8 and 17 years. This research was run by quantitative research method which is they conduct survey to children aged between 8 and 17 years. The questionnaire was further developed by Newspoll and provided by ACMA. Other than that, the questionnaire was pre-tested by using a cognitive interview methodology to ensure the questions and response categories are made sense for the age group who was responding (ACMA &Newspoll ,2013).

Those responding from survey are conducted to data analysis as result report. This study used a lot of table analysis for their research result. For example, the examine of importance of the internet, they come out with two tables compare the importance of the internet in 2012, which is the researching year, with the 2009 previous research ‘Click and Connect Study’. The tables showed the level of importance of Internet in children’s lives by separate from extremely important, Very important, somewhat important, Not very important, and Not at all important.

From my opinion, these research conducted by ACMA are quite complete and detail. The part that I learned from this research paper was the way they writing an analysis. They will have an introduction by listing out their key findings to help those readers more easily understanding the following analysis part. Besides that, the research use of survey as main methodology to getting respond from their target research population. But, I think using survey method would be not too accuracy because they are only children to answer the questionnaire although there is parents sit with their child to completed the survey for 8 to 11 aged group.


ACMA& Newspoll 2013, ‘Like,post,share: Young Australians’ experiences of social media’, accessed 14/04/2015,

ACMA 2009, ‘Click and connect: Young Australians’ use of online social media’ accessed 14/04/2015

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