We love to snoop others!


The reason that social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and SnapChat have become the main means of communication for people and become trendy in our society is because people love to snoop others. We are always curious to others people’s life, that’s why people viewing other’s photo on social media. According to Cambridge psychology lecturer, Dr. Terri Apter explains that people who had access to self-representations were keen to make use of them. In this way people could control the image projected, and of course the fact that the image was on display marked the importance and status of the person represented (Buchanan 2015). In other words, what’s people showing on social media are actually not exactly who they are but it’s who they want to be.



Therefore, selfies (self-portraits) are all about self-image, in the meaning of how we define ourselves. There is no doubt to prove that people much care about their pride, so we care how others see us. Nowadays, we can take a selfie in any moments, and share them online at any time for hundred of friends, the impact that others have on our self-value has increased (Seiter 2015). Others than that, the selfie you posted on social media was the symbol of you. It’s promoting a certain identity such as buff, sexy, adventurous, studious, funny, daring, and etc. For example, a woman who always posted selfie of her own sexy body, people will think that she was person profligacy.


You are the winner if you can catch the attention of people on social media. Selfie on social media is actually changing the means of judgment in our life. Since ‘Like’ become trendy as the way we simply agree with something or we just click on the ‘Like’ button to representative what we had seen, we used the amount of ‘Like’ to judge people. By using selfies as an example, the number of ‘Like’ u gained on your selfie was represented how beautiful or handsome you are and how success you were. Thus, in my opinion, the value of aesthetic will be reduced to poverty because of people only care about ‘Like’ but not photo quality.


Hence, people will just try to take a selfie in some of the special ways to achieve the sense of social identity. In the way to achieve one’s goal, humanities accomplishment can be sacrifice such as pornographic images been posted on social media just to attract people’s attention and gain more and more ‘Like’.

Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 11.02.41 AM

One of the reasons that push forward the selfie’s trend is those technologies development product such as the smartphone. It makes selfie become easier in any places at any time without a photographer. Others than selfie by phone, dronies was another selfie way to makes your selfie photo look different. In May 2015, one of the drone manufacturers, Lily has introduced the world’s first throw-and-shoot camera (Lily n.d.). There are few more drone manufacturers come out with the similar drone that can make people easier to take dronies. In March 2016, one of the larger drone manufacturers, DJI was introduced the Phantom 4 with the features of tracking motion, which mean the drone will recognize people and taking dronies without a pilot to control it (Dji n.d.). Based on the observation on develop of drone in the market, it is not hard to define that, people tend to be a part in the photo rather than become a photographer.



In a nutshell, photographer will face a crisis in the future due to everyone is more willing to become their own photographer.



(600 Words)



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